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Call for Videos

Folks, pictures of cars are sooo early 2000’s….

Let’s add some videos to the SRT registry!

I’m thinking of creating an SRT registry Questionnaire which the owners can film themselves doing in front of their car, while also doing some artsy shots of the car’s exterior, interior, under the hood etc.

We don’t recommend shooting anything illegal like burnouts on public roads or street racing. But if you have some video from the race track whether circuit or the drag strip, that would be awesome to see.

Eventually we’d like to make some awesome mash-ups for the SRT community to share with all automotive enthusiasts.


You guys are awesome. Yes, You! Thank you very much for the continuous support of the SRTowners.com web site and the idea to show off pictures and videos of actual Ford Special Vehicle Team built cars by their owners for all the automotive enthusiasts and fellow owners to enjoy and get inspired by.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs since the idea was born in 2007 but are still going strong thanks to you. And thanks to the growing Facebook Group dedicated to the SRT registry. We would love to expand the idea of the registry from picture sharing to video interviews of the owners in the near future. So feel free to join us!

Share your SRT photos and videos with us through our social media channels via the Facebook Page, Group; Twitter and YouTube channels.


Photo credit: MotoTrend